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Experience the mild, crisp, tender, and most widely served style of Chinese cuisine in the world, with a rich assortment of regional specialties and signature roast barbecued meats.


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Canton Road Signature Dishes

Time has always been crucial when it comes to preparing Chinese dishes. At Canton Road, the ingredients we use will definitely let you taste the rich history and flavor of classic Chinese food.

US Beef Tenderloin in Crispy Garlic Sauce

Steamed Iberico pork dumpling with abalone and black truffle

A staple in Chinese cuisine, dumplings are considered as social food, and is and one of the most loved dishes in the cuisine. Canton Road adds a special twist to the dim sum menu by featuring China’s most coveted ingredient, abalone.

Fried pork ribs infused with shrimp paste with assorted fruit salad

An all-time favorite gets a Canton Road upgrade! The classic fried pork ribs is now infused with delectable shrimp paste and spices. Best enjoyed with a bowl of steaming hot rice!

Canton Road Signature Fried Rice

Canton Road’s Chef Wang Wei Qing creates fried rice like no other. The signature fried rice is topped with sea urchin, shrimps, Australian scallops and fish roe guaranteed to make you reach for seconds.